Most Demanded WordPress Tips 2019

By | January 15, 2019

WordPress is the most popular and comprehensive content management system among all. Since it is very comprehensive and detailed, not everyone is able to use every feature of it while managing content on websites and blogs. When you visit some websites, they consist of so many things that you would not expect a WordPress managed website to have. However, WordPress experts have suggested the following very important and highly demanded tips and tricks for your Website/blog:

  • RSS feed: The RSS feed button is available on usually every website and it helps boost traffic. In order to easily bring RSS feed option on your website or blog, simply copy a specific code and paste it anywhere on the theme. This simple process requires no knowledge of programming and other technicalities.
  • Submission of news by users: WordPress has a great option that could allow you to permit users to submit news if they want to on your web page. This makes the web page interactive and hence may improve traffic. In order to activate this, you simply need to install a plug-in named as TDO mini forms and follow step-by-step guide accordingly. Hence, you can do this even if you are a beginner and possess very little or no technical knowledge.
  • External links on post title: While links that lead to other pages are common in the body of content, WordPress allows you to include such links in the post title so readers would not have to spend too much time reading what is written in the body. In order to do this, you simply need to install a plug-in known as Page links to.

These tips are very useful for many WordPress users and are so easy to implement that even beginners with no knowledge of programming can do it easily.


  • Don’t use “admin” as your username: Tragically, the login page of a WordPress site is one of the real focuses for programmers. They endeavor to access the site by speculating the login subtleties ( username and secret phrase) again and again. In this way, ensure you don’t utilize the default username for your WordPress site – this makes it less demanding for programmers to get into your login page right away.

In the event that you’ve just introduced WordPress utilizing the default username, you can quickly transform it by including a SQL inquiry in PHPMyAdmin. Additionally, guarantee that you use something novel and hard to-break username for your site.


  • Disabling directory listings: Never put your index.html record in the new catalog of your WordPress site. As guests can undoubtedly get to your full registry posting that is accessible in that specific index, it is smarter to impair your catalog posting with the .htaccess record.
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