Email marketing VS mobile marketing

By | February 4, 2019

This article is about the comparison between the two marketing methods that are email marketing and mobile marketing. Marketing is one strong tool that is being used by almost all the businesses in the whole world. There is no business that is running without the marketing or the marketing department as marketing is extremely important. Marketing gets business money; marketing makes a product/service visible to the people and helps in the sales of the product. Without marketing brand awareness is zero.

Email marketing

  • Email marketing is slow: email marketing is quite slow as compared to the mobile marketing. People can check their SMS anytime as they do not need an internet connection for that while in the case of email marketing a person must be online to check the email.
  • Spam issues: spamming is a common issue in emailing system therefore the marketing gets a bit ineffective here.
  • Everyone do not have an email address: there are many people even today who are not having their emails so through email marketing one cannot reach such people.
  • Laziness: people are too lazy to open the random emails especially the attachments.

      Mobile marketing

  • Quick delivery: mobile marketing is super quick may it be the SMS or via mobile applications like whatsapp, viber, etc.
  • Young target audience: via mobile marketing one can easily reach the young target audience without any hassle.
  • Active target audience: the target market that uses mobile phones is very active and aware as well especially the youth so the marketing via mobile phones can be very effective.
  • Mobile applications: mobile applications have done wonders and have made the mobiles even better, useful, effective, and productive. Marketing is way more effective because of the mobile applications.

Therefore, mobile marketing in today’s era is way better and way effective than the email marketing and many companies prefer mobile marketing over email marketing.


SMS and Email Marketing Working Together

The past referenced research from OpenMarket likewise recommended messaging is the main channel for notices among Millennials, pursued intently by email. Curiously the social media life channels slacked, coming in lower even than postal mail. As I would see it, this nearby connection among’s SMS and email showcasing is in effect progressively reflected crosswise over most age socioeconomics, making them perfect for misuse by combination.


Here’s a couple of ways reconciliation can work to the advantage of the general promoting methodology:


Cross-pollination. Existing email databases are a perfect wellspring of contacts to begin with a SMS crusade. As an instant message battle starts to develop it will almost certainly feed extra customers in to the email mailing list.


Personalized SMS. Utilizing existing information and division from the email database considers increasingly successful personalization and focusing of SMS, driving content battles from the start.


Reviving lost contacts.  Individuals regularly change email addresses and can without much of a stretch be lost as an email contact. Content informing is a straightforward method to look after contact, gets new email subtleties, and simultaneously, stays up with the latest.


Timely reminders. SMS can be utilized as a follow up to special messages, including a minute ago limits and arrangements to incite an arrival to the first email content.


Include all media. SMS select in circumstances can be incorporated over all brand media including sites, messages, and in-store to support content recruits and develop the SMS customer list.


Improved email content. The order of composing compact substance for SMS crusades can be utilized to educate email content, making for increasingly engaged and explicit email battles.


Improved metrics. Bits of knowledge picked up from SMS crusades can be utilized to educate email-advertising procedures (and the other way around).


SMS and email advertising have contrasting qualities and shortcomings, yet when consolidated can supplement each other successfully to fortify correspondences and positively affect showcasing techniques. In the event that you are as yet focusing on one and ignoring the other, it’s time you began to coordinate SMS and email to a definitive advantage of your main concern.

Email is as yet best and effective approach to achieve clients. Without a doubt, with mobile commitment on versatile expanding, and dynamic focusing on strategies going to the fore. The future for email promoting looks brilliant. This is something I expounded on as of late on the off chance that you might want to find out additional: How Dynamic Email Marketing Will Change Everything.

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